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The Quadrangle Club has hosted tennis play for members and the Hyde Park community for more than thirty years.
Featuring newly renovated courts, the Club is proud to resume the tennis training program and seasonal court passes for members and their guests.

Court Passes

Day passes are available for sleeping room guests and members. For more experienced players, season passes are also available for purchase.

Kids Camp

Camp is open to children of members aged 4 to 17 years of age, with tournaments available for players aged 10 & up.


Prime hours are reserved for season pass holders exclusively.  

All players are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all standard rules and regulations of the Club, and consequently, the University of Chicago. 


Court Hours  

Monday – Friday 
Standard Play: 7:30AM – 8PM
Prime Hours: 4PM – 8PM

Saturday – Sunday 
Standard Play: 7:30AM – 8PM
Prime Hours: 7AM – 1PM

Daily Rates

Members and sleeping rooms guests may purchase tennis court access to the courts on a day to day basis. This rate also applies to invited guests of members; please note that an invitation for tennis access must be authorized in person or via phone prior to accessing the courts.

Daily Rate: $15 per person


Season Passes

Season passes are available for members and their families.
Authorized family members include: spouse/partner and children under the age of 18.
Single Member Pass: $395
Family Pass: $595

Rules & Regulations

Please note that all players, including season pass holders, are required to sign-in at the front desk daily prior to play.

To reserve your court time, players must appear at their scheduled time. Each singles match should be signed in with two member names, or with member name and their “guest.”

Every doubles match should be signed in with four member names, or with member(s) name and “guests”. All players who do not hold a season pass must sign and submit a chit.


  1. Players are not permitted to use the courts for play or practice prior to official opening time.
  2. Players are not permitted to alter the courts, placed furniture, or installed greenery for any reason.
  3. Proper tennis attire is preferred; men must be in shirts, and smooth-soled shoes must be worn by all players.
  4. Players may not ‘skip’ the reservation time slots of others. All reservations must be signed for in the order of availability.
  5. Once sign-in has been completed, at least one player of the group should be present at all times; either courtside or on the first floor of the Club.
  6. Prime hours may only be reserved by season pass holders; consequently, the courts must be relinquished during prime hours to season pass holders.
  7. ‘No Show’ reservations are subject to a $10 cancellation fee. Late arrivals are granted a ten-minute grace period, after which they are subject to a cancellation charge at the Club’s discretion.
East Court Reservations

The East Court is available for reservations, Monday through Friday, in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Only season pass holders may reserve the court during prime hours.
  2. Any Club Member or overnight guest may reserve the court during non-prime hours.
  3. No show reservations are subject to a non-refundable $10 cancellation fee.

There is no charge for cancellations due to inclement weather.

Court Etiquette & Sportsmanship
  1. After completing play, members must relinquish the court to waiting parties. If no one is waiting, players may reserve additional slots for continued play in 30-minute increments.
  2. If a party of two is joined by an additional player, the additional player may only play a half-hour game with either of the original members of the reservation. If a party arrives that has not played, all players must relinquish the court.
  3. Two members who have not played are permitted to play doubles with others who have already played, however, play time for the group shall be limited to one hour. Three player on a court at once are limited to one hour of play time.


Instructor Pat Heneghan 



Pat has been with the Club for more than ten years as our resident USPTA certified head professional. Our instructors attend pre-camp training sessions and are dedicated to bringing out the best in each player, regardless of skill level or age.

Those with questions about training strategies, private lessons, or tournament opportunities should contact Pat directly via email at pwh818@gmail.com or by phone at 773-368-4900.

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