Benefits of Membership

For over a century, the Quadrangle Club has played an important role in the academic and social fabric of the University of Chicago and Hyde Park community. Establishing membership within this intellectual community provides many benefits, including but not limited to: priority booking privileges, access to several event spaces, and a host of special programming and events tailored for members only.

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Membership Perks

  • Chef’s Tasting Menu
  • Sponsored Wine Tastings
  • Mingle with the Community
  • Monthly Jazz Night Ensemble

Booking Privileges

  • Six Event Spaces
  • Seventeen Guest Rooms on Site
  • Priority Access to Har-Tru Courts
  • First Access for Dining Reservations

For more information, or to inquire about your eligibility for membership, please contact us at:

A Historic Setting for Contemporary Connections

In tandem with the collegial atmosphere of the University of Chicago, the Quadrangle Club shares in the united mission to build and maintain excellence in our communities.

Consequently, the Club also strives to provide members with a unique and elevated experience for constituents and prospective members. In partnering with the ACUC, the Club supports a reciprocal network of innovative leaders in both the hospitality and culinary industry. Members are encouraged to explore their reciprocal benefits at a selection of higher education institutions throughout the United States and surrounding countries.

To browse the full roster of eligible clubs, including those local to the area, click the link below.


Junior Faculty

Full-time faculty with the rank of assistant professor, collegiate assistant professor, or instructor.| Monthly Membership Cost: Free

Visiting Quarterly

Persons temporarily in residence at the University of Chicago, not as undergraduates, to officers of the Armed Forces of the United States, and to members of the diplomatic and consular service of foreign countries. | Monthly Membership Cost: $12.50

University Active

Faculty, employees or trustees of the University of Chicago, or an institution which has been designated by the Board of Directors as affiliated with the University of Chicago.  | Monthly Membership Cost: $22.50


Persons who residence and regular place of employment are both 50 miles outside of the City of Chicago; including faculty members, trustees, and affiliated organizations.  | Monthly Membership Cost: $22.50


Members of the community who do not qualify for University Active membership.  | Monthly Membership Cost: $40.00

At this time, the Quadrangle Club does not charge an application fee or initiation fee. Members are not subject to monthly spending minimums.
Accounting statements are provided to members on a monthly basis and are payable by credit card, check, or cash.
It is not required that prospective members have an affiliation with the University of Chicago.

History on Campus

Explore the rich history of the Quadrangle Club




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