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Welcome to the Quadrangle Club


Privately nestled in the heart of the University of Chicago campus, the Quadrangle Club is a historic membership club designed for University faculty, staff, and community members. The club features an array of authentic spaces that have hosted grand weddings, private member events, and intellectual University gatherings throughout the years. In addition to classic guest room accompaniments, offerings also include exclusive fine dining and catering services for members.

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Established in 1893, the Quadrangle Club has played, and continues to play, an important role in the intellectual fabric and life of the University of Chicago. In its early years, the Club was home to large numbers of the faculty, when the third floor of the building mainly served as academic-year quarters for many teaching at the University.

Over the decades, the Club has established itself as a space for convivial exchange between faculty and community members in a classic and engaging environment. As the years have progressed, the Club and its faculty have continued to sustain the historic and long standing traditions of its predecessors.

Designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw in 1922, the Quadrangle Club is now located at 57th Street and University Avenue. Given its centralized, yet private location, it has hosted a wide variety of cultural and community events exclusive to members and their respective guests, as well as broader gatherings for the University community.

Takeaway Lunch Program 

Online ordering is available Monday through Friday for curbside delivery or pick up at the Quadrangle Club.

Location: 1155 East 57th Street on the University of Chicago Campus

Hours: 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

For curbside pickup: please contact us upon your arrival to the Club by dialing 773.702.2550 and a staff member will bring your order out to your vehicle.

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